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Veterans for Impeachment

As proud U.S. military veterans, we are outraged to see how Donald Trump has betrayed his oath, endangered our democracy, committed numerous crimes, and trampled on our most sacred values.
We have put our lives on the line, and swore to protect our democracy. Trump’s reckless behavior and lawbreaking poses a clear and present danger to our nation, and we cannot afford to take half-measures. Donald Trump is unfit to be our commander in chief, and we are calling on Congress to act swiftly with an impeachment inquiry.

Donald Trump has repeatedly and blatantly obstructed justice, made racist attacks on our communities, is locking children in cages, alienates our allies while courting dictators and kleptocrats, was one order away from starting a new war, and is trying to take away our civil rights on a daily basis. Those are only a few ways Trump has abused his power -- he needs to be evicted from the White House.

Our strength is in numbers. Sign our veteran sign-on letter today to show your support to join together with veterans demanding that Congress IMPEACH Trump.

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